The tricky thing about…

The tricky thing about the chapter I was working on yesterday is that almost everything I drafted is a story that I'm not sure the person I'm talking about would want me to tell -- I'm planning to ask her what she wants me to do with it. If she says so, I'll just cut it out entirely, somehow, which would mean that yesterday's writing was for naught. Ah well -- what can you do?

Opening of chapter (this part, I think is safe -- I don't think Dean would object to any of the below):

The first week of college -- in fact, during orientation week, before classes even started -- I met a boy. Dean was six feet two, from the Midwest, of German ancestry and of a scientific bent -- a physics major. He kissed me for the first time over a math textbook; we were on the same floor of the dorm, and he'd offered to help me with calculus, which was giving me grief. We dated for three months, and then had a long, drawn out break-up for several months after that. We spent a tremendous amount of time in bed that fall semester, and I ended up flunking calculus. I lied to my parents about the whole thing.
What do you think? Would you want to read more?

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