Well, I finished…

Well, I finished cleaning the house this morning (aside from the five loads of laundry that are now clean but need to be put away). That took quite a long time -- maybe four hours. And that was just straightening and organizing enough that the cleaning folks could come and actually clean it, which took two of them another four hours. Our house was disgusting. But now it is clean, which is nice. Somehow it seems like a good thing, to bring a baby back to a clean house. Assuming Kevin can keep it that way while I'm in the hospital. We'll see.

I was very tired afterwards, and dozed on the couch for three hours or so. Didn't sleep so well last night. So only now am I finally starting to work on my to-do list, and starting with perhaps the most time-consuming item, my leftover Roosevelt admin work. I've done a few things so far, but have two more big projects: reading half a novel's worth of a MFA thesis in progress and giving feedback, and finishing drafting the program newsletter. Once those are done, I think I can actually relax on the admin work front.

Other than that, the only really urgent thing that should happen is paperwork: filing taxes so we can get my refund, getting some legal forms filled out, signed and notarized, filing various reimbursement claims. If we can get those done by 1 p.m. tomorrow, that would be great. Why 1 p.m.? Because that's when my parents arrive in town, and after that point, I don't think we should count on getting any work done.

We'll see how it goes.

I am very very tired. I am very ready to be done being pregnant. Kev and I aren't sure at all whether we'll want to try for a second kid after this one, but right now, I am feeling very unenthused about doing another nine months of pregnancy. But maybe if we get an angel baby, I will change my mind.

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  1. Most of my female friends who’ve had kids have sworn, during and after their first pregnancy, that they would never do it again.

    By about a year later, most of them have forgotten the details of the difficult and/or unpleasant aspects, and remember only that the result was a child. Many (though not all) of them end up starting to try for another one within two years after the first is born.

    My theory is that people in general tend not to be very good at remembering pain in any detail. When Josie and I finished writing the VRML book, we swore we would never do anything like that again, but a year or two later we were talking wistfully about how it might be fun to write another book.

  2. I have the feeling that people in general have a hard time remembering in detail ANY powerful experience, good or bad, later on. It always seems to be strongly edited.

  3. The memory of both pregnancies and births and the difficulties I had breastfeeding both at first have not faded with time. And I told C when Special K was a week old that she would be an only child. However then Special K grew further and I decided it was worth it cos kids really are wonderful. I’m still in the two child camp. And I’m trying to persuade C to prevent a third child before Little T grows out of the stage that Special K was in when another child seemed doable.

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