So remember a few days…

So remember a few days ago, I said there was a surprise? Here it is -- maternity photos!

As a baby shower gift, Jed got us maternity photos, which I have to say, is a really excellent gift, as it's the sort of thing that would feel too frivolous for us to spend money on right now, but is definitely going to be valued in years to come. I love the idea that baby will be able to look at these in the future and picture herself inside there. And I like having a record, just for myself. Having a big pregnant belly is definitely one of the best parts of the whole pregnancy thing for me, even if I have been feeling more than a little squished the last month. :-)

The photos were taken at 38 weeks, so pretty close to term. We ended up with a good dozen or so that I liked -- here are two of my favorites. Hope you like them too. Photo credit: Jovanka Novakovic, Bauwerks Studio.

6 thoughts on “So remember a few days…”

  1. I do hope that you had some nudes shot for yourselves. While I would love to see them, I understand that you need to have some kind of privacy even if you have played your life out on the Internet. Best of luck and enjoy your infant.

    With all of love,

    C. J. Czelling

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    We did do some nudes, but honestly, I didn’t love the way any of them came out. So I didn’t have to decide whether I was comfortable putting nudes online. 🙂

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