Really tired today;…

Really tired today; everything is sore and achey. I did manage to get out to the garden store this morning, and do a few other small errand-y things, but haven't done much else. Not sure I'm going to do much else later, either. S'okay. At this point, there's nothing that absolutely *has* to get done before the baby arrives. I'll just lie here and rest a little, and contemplate the to-do list for tomorrow.

  • pick up Joseph's Coat climber (10:30 - done)
  • pick up a few more annuals for the roof to fill out pots (10:30 - done)
  • plant plants (3:30 - mostly done; thunderstorms hit and made me stop)
  • clear roof of dead plant debris
  • finish thank-you cards for baby showers
  • finalize VOR/Kriti finances
  • answer remaining Kriti e-mails (to panelists)
  • finish Roosevelt admin work
  • file taxes
  • file citizenship application

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