I was *so*…

I was *so* overoptimistic about how much I'd get done yesterday. I didn't even touch the grading, much less go to Carmax -- there were just too many last-minute phone calls and e-mails to handle for Kriti. Madness. In the evening, we did get pizza and Satya, Rachna, Sheelah and Lakshmi all stopped by to help with packet stuffing and badge-making, which was much appreciated. We were done by 8:30 or so, and I was in bed and asleep by 9. Sometimes, when you make your body just run all day, it slugs you eventually, knocks you out, and carries you away to bed.

I would feel a little guiltier about abusing my body this way when I'm eight months pregnant, if my mother hadn't just told me yesterday that she decided to play BADMINTON on the day my youngest sister was born. Yes, that's right. And she plays actively too. So please picture my nine-months-pregnant mother, leaping about the backyard trying to hit a flying shuttlecock.

Eight months pregnant as of tomorrow. One month to go. Eep.

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  1. My mom- the nurse- had tickets to go to Japan when prgnant with me and I would have to be 6 weeks old to be able to go. So 6 weeks, to the day, before departure, she scrubbed the outside of her house with a long handled broom in order to induce labor. It worked and six weeks later she and I were off to Japan.

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