This is what last-minute…

This is what last-minute prep looks like:


  • order samosas - DONE
  • teach class - DONE
  • make programs for rapid-fire - DONE
  • teach class
  • pick up water bottles, paper plates, cups, napkins, coffee - ASSIGNED TO KEVIN
  • pick up samosas and sweets (and juice?)
  • pick up Nilofer's art
  • make chai? - ASSIGNED TO KEVIN
  • be at Roosevelt by 4:30
  • run rapid-fire reading
  • go home by 8-9
  • write Desai intro
  • print out anything I might find useful
  • print maps
  • print out registration list (2 copies) for Ramona
  • sleep by 10, so can get up at 6-ish Friday
11:30 update: getting there. :-)

1 thought on “This is what last-minute…”

  1. Good luck with it all dear Mary Anne & have fun. As usual, you’ll soar through it all, baby or not. 🙂

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