Kevin has a cold. Ellie…

Kevin has a cold. Ellie has a cold. And I have a cold. We asked Ellie whether she gave us her cold ('cause she started sneezing first), but she says no. She *claims* that puppies can't give their people colds, but we are dubious.

So far, it's not such a bad cold as these things go. A bit of congestion, but mostly I just have to try not to sneeze all over my papers. I'm trying to take it easy this morning; doing a last-minute Kriti mailing, folding flyers and stuffing envelopes while watching teen movies. First was Ice Princess, now followed by Say Anything. They're about the right level for my stuffy brain.

Later today, big batch of grading. If I finish it early, we might swing out to CarMax in the afternoon to sell Kevin's car; parking is getting tight in our neighborhood, and we really don't need two cars. We're still not quite certain what we're doing with mine; either trading it in or holding onto it for a while. I'm mostly leaving the decision up to Kev, because honestly, I just don't care about cars that much. Which means that, as with all Kevin major decisions, there's a lot of waffling. :-)

With any luck, we'll have the program books by this evening, and can do packet stuffing over pizza. I have a few more phone calls to make, a few more forms to fax and people to write checks to. And then we should be all set for the festival, which starts tomorrow. Eep!

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