Hey, folks. A quick…

Hey, folks. A quick question. The new novel has as a minor character a South Asian-American Muslim young man (early 20s), born and raised and living in Chicago, current time period. I'm looking for two things:

- recommendations of good books (fiction or nonfiction) which might enlighten me about his possible experiences. Hmm...good movies too, if you can think of any.

- any S. Asian Muslims in Chicago (men preferred, but women too) willing to let me buy them a cup of coffee and ask them some questions for an hour or so. I'm interested in talking to people along the spectrum of devoutness/practice -- from the extremely devout to the completely non-practicing, and anything in between. I promise not to use any specific stories gathered from those discussions without your written consent; right now, I'm really just trying to get a sense of a range of experiences.

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  1. Well, I’m not a man and I don’t live in Chicago but if you want to email me questions you can. Or even talk on the phone. I am S. Asian and Muslim I guess I went from not being practicising really but certainly identifying myself as Muslim to calling myself a “social Muslim,” to being an agnostic, married to a non-Muslim and not really feeling Muslim at all.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Jawahara, thanks for offering — it looks like I’ll have some folks in Chicago to talk to, but I appreciate the offer.

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