Churning through e-mails…

Churning through e-mails today -- oh, so many still to go, mostly Kriti-related and urgent. My students are going to be hoping that they get their papers back tomorrow, but I think they're going to be disappointed. One week is a reasonable response time on papers, right?

This afternoon, another ultrasound, this one to check up on the status of the fibroids. Also sometime soon I need to do a glucose-check blood test, to see if I've developed gestational diabetes, but I'm not sure if I can do it today, 'cause I was possibly supposed to fast first -- if that's true, then I'll do it Friday instead, probably. looks like the initial screening test doesn't require me to be fasting first, but if I test positive on it, then the follow-up more serious test does. So I probably will do the screen today. Wish me luck!

On the writing front, I issued a challenge to my students Monday night -- told them that I was going to try to get a draft of my novel done by the end of the semester, and challenged those of them writing novels (about ten or so) to do the same. Not sure if it'll happen -- that means averaging a thousand words or so of writing a day, which is only about an hour of work, and certainly do-able in theory, but that assumes the ideas keep flowing. And I didn't write yesterday, so I'm already a day behind. But I'm not actually stressing about it -- it'd be cool to make that deadline, but it's not the end of the world if I don't. Especially since Nik promises me that I can still write after the baby's born. :-)

But all that said, after the doctor and a few errands this afternoon, I do hope to come back here and write. Fingers crossed.

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