Monday started out as a…

Monday started out as a sad day -- we heard that Nilofer's father had died over the weekend. He was an older man, who lived alone. I went over at lunchtime with a big pile of food for her and her visiting family, because what else can you do, really? I'm sorry I never got a chance to meet him.

Later that day, Kev and I went downtown and looked at doggies in a shelter downtown. We'd been thinking of getting a dog for a long time, but waffled forever about what kind of breed we wanted, etc. and so on. We had thought about going to Indianapolis Monday to look at some goldendoodles -- smaller versions of golden retriever, with enough poodle in them to be somewhat less allergenic than most dogs. Would have been a good breed for us, I think, but in the end, we decided that we just weren't comfortable buying breed dogs when there are so many in shelters.

So downtown we saw Henry, a schnauzer mix, and Rocky, a totally adorable and insane puggle puppy. We thought about both of them, but Rocky was probably too high energy frenetic for our lazy lifestyle, and was likely to be adopted almost immediately anyway. And Henry was very sweet, but quite a bit older; past middle age and heading into old age, which seemed a bit sad for a first dog. Though we did like him a lot -- I hope someone good adopts him soon.

So we didn't get a dog Monday. But on Tuesday, we drove out into the suburbs to a huge shelter in Huntley, about an hour out from us. And there we found...

[to be continued...]

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  1. What an adorable doggie! Congratulations! I love her name– all of my pets (I have a menagerie…) have “people” names. No Spots or Whiskers for me.

    Oddly enough, my dog’s name is Henry. He’s ten and a half years old, but he has so much energy you’d think he was half that.

    Anyway, Eleanor is a very lucky puppy and I hope she brings you many, many years of joy.

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