For Kevin’s birthday,…

For Kevin's birthday, his folks and mine took us out to Alinea. (Or, more accurately, my folks sent a gift certificate, and his dad came with us, since he was in town, and insisted on paying part of the check.) It was definitely an adventure -- overall, excellent food, very strangely presented. Charlie Trotter's was tastier, but there was certainly plenty to talk about with this food. Sorry the photos are so dark -- it didn't seem like the right atmosphere for flash photography. There are much prettier photos on the Alinea website -- take especial note of the tomato course, which was excellent, and so tempting that I completely forgot to take a photo of it. Very pretty photos there. But they don't have us in them... :-) Though Kev did successfully avoid being in any of ours too.

Mackerel, with turmeric, bee balm, poppyseed.

Kobe beef, with watermelon, cocoa, red wine.

Lamb, with summer vegetable jam, mastic, rosemary aroma (very aromatic, when they put the rosemary stalk on a hot plate).

Bacon, with butterscotch, apple, thyme.

Raspberry, with goat milk, red pepper taffy, pistachio.

Chocolate, with bergamot, cassia, figs.

Kevin's birthday chocolate melting in butter.

Ron. Menthol, with pineapple, lemon. No hands -- you're just supposed to lan forward and pull it off the stick with your mouth.

Me! And caramel.

Not pictured: hot potato, with cold potato, black truffle, butter; corn, with coconut, cayenne, lime; tomato; porcini, with cherry, ham, toasted garlic; peach, with smoked paprika, orange, and this incredible tempura lobster/vanilla bean thing. My favorite. Plus other stuff I'm forgetting.


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