I meant to write long…

I meant to write long entries for the last several days, but just too much happening. So quick notes:

  • Friday, Kevin's birthday. He's 36. Tasos and Ian and Devi came over and we played poker. I lost $1.60. Fun was had by all, and we went 'til 1 a.m., which is pretty good for us old fogeys these days. Amazingly good birthday cake from Bittersweet -- chocolate, with creme brulee filling. Mmm... Since it was Kevin's birthday, there was no singing, and there are no photos. As per request. :-)

  • Saturday, Kevin's dad came to town. We cleaned the whole house, which needed it. That took the whole day, pretty much. In the evening, Kev cooked dinner -- steak and glazed carrots and green salad, but the highlight was a really good tomato-pepper soup from veggies in our garden. One habanero made a big pot of soup too hot -- they've gotten hotter, it seems, as the summer goes on. So we ended up needing to add both milk and some canned soup to make it mild enough to eat. But oh, so good. With a nice English cheddar with chives grated over the top. Soup good.

  • Sunday, went with Kev's dad on an architectural boat tour. I love those; I learn so much, and the buildings are so beautiful. I hate hate hate the Brutalist style. I'm not so fond of International style either. But New Moderne is quite lovely. After the boat tour, they went home to watch tennis on tv, and I went to workshop, where they told me my first play wasn't horrible. Or at least the first half of it, since that's all they've seen. We'll see what they think of the second half, but the response was quite encouraging. I'm pretty sure my first short story was fairly horrible. :-)

Next entry, Sunday evening at Alinea. More soon.

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