This is…

This is Elinor.

Ten points if you guess which Elinor she's named after. And why.

Mostly we call her Elli, 'cause Elinor is a big name for a little dog.

She's ours.

Or maybe we're hers. That's not entirely clear yet.

Elli likes hanging out in front of the tv, preferably with both of us.

She also likes walks, and tennis balls, and chewing the wood furniture, and sleeping.

She's one and a half years old, we think. Mostly, she's insanely sweet, but every once in a while, she pretends she's a wolf.

She's actually mostly a beagle; we're still trying to guess what the other bits are. Any thoughts?

So far, she hasn't barked once. Elli's a very quiet dog.

Elli likes snuggling more than anything.

16 thoughts on “This is…”

  1. Congratulations to you two and to Eleanor! She’s beautiful and looks adorable. She’s got soulful eyes and reminds me of our beloved Galen. My theory is that she’s part Beagle and part German Shepherd – her coloring and hair length make me think that. Congrats again and welcome to your new home, Eleanor – you’re a lucky girl!

  2. Mazel tov to all three of you! I agree with the German Shepherd theory. What a wonderful combination: strength, beauty, loyalty, and intelligence. Be happy!

  3. Oh! She’s adorable, Mary Anne! Congrats! I hope I get to meet her someday, she looks like such a sweet doggie!

    I know a several people who have dogs named some version of Ella, Elli, etc. I never thought of dog names as having trends the way baby names do, but it makes sense 🙂 And Elli is a wonderful dog name — pretty, but playful, just like your Elli!

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Jason, nope. Though your question did make me go look up the spelling, and discover that I was wrong! Her name is actually Elinor, not Eleanor! Fixed in the entry now. Apologies for making the guessing harder! Guess it’s a good thing we haven’t gotten her a tag yet…

  5. Hooray for dog people!

    My guess:

    Would you like to sin
    With Elinor Glyn
    On a tiger skin?
    Or would you prefer
    To err with her
    On some other fur?

  6. Congratulations! Animals add so much to life. After working a petstore (we specialize in products not pets, but have many dog visitors) for the last 6 years I’d say the German Shepherd mix is likely, but I also see Border Collie in her markings.

    Anyways if you have any questions or would like some product recommendations, ask away.

    Enjoy the snuggles!

  7. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Thanks, everyone! It’s all so exciting! 🙂

    Tanima, we’re just feeding her Iams and Ekumenuba (I think I spelled that wrong) right now — it’s what they were feeding her at the shelter. If you have any recommendations on anything, would love to hear them…

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