The sun’s going down. …

The sun's going down. Going, going, gone. You're sitting on a fourth floor roof deck, surrounded by flowers. The torches and candles have just been lit. The solar lanterns are lighting themselves. Scent is heavy in the air: jasmine, rose, honeysuckle. It's getting too dark to see the flowers clearly, but they surround you. Everywhere you look is beauty.

The champagne has been opened, the beers are chilled (but not too chilled, because Kevin doesn't approve of super-cold beer). There's more food than you'll be able to eat, half of it picked up from the local middle-eastern deli, because they're just so good. Hummus, baba ganoush, tabboule, grilled shrimp, pita, dolmas. Gado-gado with peanut sauce. Chili-lime chips and guacamole and salsa verde. Cherry pie, blueberry cake, brownies, gulab jamun.

You're surrounded by friends, talking late into the night.

The perfect way to celebrate the paperback release. I only wish more of my friends could have been there.

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