I’m guessing you all…

I'm guessing you all know already that much of the high-profile stuff in bookshops is paid for by publishers? If not, read this article, and be aware that the situation is pretty identical in the U.S.

Not that I think that situation is going to change, so all I really think you can do is choose your books wisely, young jedi.

And speaking of bookselling, two quick notes re: BiM:

  • Amazon appears to be briefly offering a bargain-price edition of the hardcover -- may have a sticker on it saying "Bargain Price,", but for $6.99, it's an excellent deal. If you don't have a copy of my book yet now you have very little excuse. :-) Quantities are v. limited.

  • This is also, with the release of the trade paperback, a truly optimal time for those of you who liked the book to say nice things about it on Amazon. I suppose I must also encourage you to say critical things too, if you have them to be said, in the interests of fairness to potential readers. But mostly, if you've been wanting to say something nice, even something very brief and nice (no need for long screeds!), now would be an excellent time! :-)

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