Gorgeous weather the…

Gorgeous weather the last few days, and I'm taking full advantage of it today, working up in the garden. I've printed out parts 1-2 of the novel (see manuscript on ottoman, right), which I've been revising for a bit, off and on, and am going over it in hardcopy now, making notes on edits both small and large. I'm planning on writing essentially full-time through June, with the tentative (ambitious) goal of getting Bob a full draft by mid-June, and Marjorie a full draft by end-of-June. So if you're giving me feedback, now would be a good time! :-) Expect to see lots of drafts coming through in the next two weeks.

The garden is looking splendid for the most part, though there are a few small problem areas (like the fuschia hanging basket, which you can see needs more plants). The canopy to the gazebo is sari fabric, with ribbon sewn onto the ends to tie it to the frame. I was lucky enough to find a blue-green that blends nicely with the weatherproof mat that Andy suggested. I was dubious at first about the need for matting, but it actually helps define the space quite beautifully. Interesting! I've brought my bougainvillea outdoors, and it seems happy, blooming more every day. It's like a little piece of Sri Lanka. (I know, they grow elsewhere, but I first encountered them covering the walls of houses in Sri Lanka, so that's what they signify to me...)

Not much else to report -- had a nice weekend, with lots of time at Printer's Row. Went to a three-hour Rasaka meeting yesterday to help them think through reorganization; I'm slowly learning a lot about non-profits and structuring organizations of all kinds. Fascinating. I managed to only take on one task, reading scripts for them, which should also help me learn about playwriting, which is an area I'm starting to become more interested in. I'm feeling happy these days, and that life is full of interesting possibilities. :-)

Also, Jed is coming out to visit me over Fourth of July weekend. Yay!

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  1. Your roof garden is so lovely. Do you have to take it all inside in thunderstorms? Or is it all outdoor furniture? (The rug too?) Sorry to be nosy, I was just wondering, for the day when I might have such.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    The gazebo (Restoration Hardware, I think) is outdoor furniture, as are the chairs (Smith & Hawken). (I recommend waiting for end-of-season sales, which can be up to half off!) The cushions are outdoor cushions, and the mat is an outdoor mat (MadMats). The little hurricane holding a candle sits out all the time; sometimes it fills with water, but we just pour the water out (or let it evaporate slowly). It’s super-windy on our roof, but everything seems to be heavy enough to do fine. We bought somewhat more expensive furniture so that it would be sturdy enough to withstand the wind; aluminum would bend badly on our roof, I think. The cushions are tied to the chair frame with velcro ties.

    The sari fabric is not outdoor rated — based on last year, it lasts about a summer. The fabric from last year shredded by spring — on the other hand, it was a lighter chiffon (instead of the more solid silk), and we didn’t take it down in the fall, which we should’ve. If we had, it might have faded, but not shredded. It cost about $80, I think, plus $5 for the ribbons.

    Smith & Hawken offers a gazebo with a built-in weatherproof cover; the gazebo I bought doesn’t have that option. And the sari fabric is prettier, even if it is more work. 🙂

    We don’t take any of this inside when it rains, but there’s more stuff which isn’t waterproof in the poolbox behind it (blankets and cushions and the like) wrapped in a plastic tarp.

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