Report from the front: …

Report from the front: Still busy.

But feeling like things are more under control. I actually had time to do a rough estimate of my taxes last night, and discovered that in fact, I made almost no money from writing last year ($1750 for two short story sales, minus my agent's 15%, which okay, isn't no money, compared to the first ten years I was writing and publishing, that's quite a bit, but compared to the previous year of book money...), which was a huge relief, because somehow I'd been thinking that I'd made a lot more, and I'd have to find the cash to pay taxes on it. I guess all that more had actually been in 2004. I'm a bit surprised that Bob's been so good about taking my calls, given that I've made him diddly-squat this year. But maybe he's optimistic about the future. :-)

I am too -- I actually wrote a short story yesterday, to send to Catamaran, the first story I've written in a year or so (since I did "The Marrying Kind" for AE2). "Counting to Ten" is a bit slight right now, and unfinished, but I'm hoping to redraft it in the next day or two. I've tried to write it so that it would work as a one-act play as well; it's all dialogue right now, just two sisters talking. An interesting exercise. And I think I like the story.

In other news, Saturday night's party went well, though we ran out of liquor -- grad students are not light drinkers. :-) I ended up cooking a bit more than just the cookies -- although in fact, Kevin ended up making the cookies, and the waldorf salad, and the mashed-up potato curry to serve with pita chips. I made sushi, which wasn't very good -- I was out of mirin for seasoning, and the rice was undercooked. Sigh. But no one complained, and it all got eaten, along with the salsa and guacamole and cheese board. More importantly, there was lots of talking and laughing; I think they had a good time. I did too.

Sunday we had a brief DesiLit meeting over a nice brunch at Handlebar; mostly just fun brunch conversation, including a long discussion of Project Runway with Venu, whom I haven't seen in ages. I'm surprised to say (after looking at the runway fashions on-line) that I actually think I want Santino to win. I find his dresses most desirable. Daniel's arrogance is starting to come through, and Chloe -- she's just 'eh.' Nice enough, but I don't love her or her clothes.

After brunch, stopped by Nilofer's new apartment to help her carry plants up (she is very pregnant now, and it makes me nervous watching her carry large things up a twisting staircase), then went on to Lakshmi's for a Voices of Resistance planning meeting. Should be a fun event, I think, and blessedly, I am not in charge. I just call advice from the sidelines.

Came home, played some WoW, crashed. Monday was more productive, working through e-mail and small tasks for Roosevelt and then writing that story. And today, back into full school mode, with class to teach soon, then a mix of meetings with students and grading all afternoon. This evening, I'll go to see another Rasaka staged reading. Tomorrow, more grading and teaching my online magazine class here; the nice thing about a small class is being able to make them come to my place for class. Thursday, class and appointments all day. And then Friday, back to resting and reading. I might work on the novel. I might finish reading Iron Council. I might sit in a bookstore and read the next Anita Blake novel in hardcover. The possibilities are endless...

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