Still busy, but spring…

Still busy, but spring break this week, so slow-down time soon. Recent news -- oh, I'm not even sure. It's just been a pretty good, pretty busy week. Went to a staged reading of a Gita Kapila screenplay Tuesday night. Did grading Wednesday night. Went home sick Thursday night. Felt better yesterday, picked up Indu Sundaresan from airport and dropped her at her hotel, had birthday dinner with Devi and friends. Plan for today:

  • get groceries and saw down pipe at Home Depot (for too-tall bathtub stuff-holder thingie)
  • cook some of tomorrow's brunch food in advance
  • help Nilofer move into her new place in our neighborhood
  • make chai to take downtown for tonight's event
  • possibly go to flower show, if there's time this afternoon
  • host Indu Sundaresan reading

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