The Carl Brandon Society has extended the deadline for nominating works for the Carl Brandon Parallax Award and the Carl Brandon Kindred Award; two juried awards recognizing excellence in speculative fiction by or about people of colour. Each award comes with a $1,000 prize. The awards will be presented at Wiscon 30, to be held May 26-29, 2006 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

The CBS Parallax Award will go to a work of speculative fiction in English, written by a person of colour. Nominees may be asked to provide a brief statement self-identifying as a person of colour. Statements should be sent to the awards administrator. CBS Parallax Award Jury: Celu Amberstone; Steven Barnes; MJ Hardman; Karin Lowachee; Jennifer Stevenson

The CBS Kindred Award will go to a work of speculative fiction in English that addresses issues of race and ethnicity. Nominees may be of any racial or ethnic background. CBS Kindred Award Jury: Jewelle Gomez; Ian K. Hagemann; Ursula K. Le Guin; Debbie Notkin; Cecilia Tan

Anyone may nominate works for either category through the Carl Brandon Society website. NOTE: a nomination is only a means of informing the juries of relevant works. It does not indicate a Carl Brandon jury statement of artistic merit. Authors may nominate their own works.

New deadline for nominations: March 15, 2006

Works must have been published in 2005, in English. They must be long or short form speculative fiction (e.g. science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, etc.)

About the Carl Brandon Society: Begun as an informal gathering at Wiscon 23 in 1997, the Carl Brandon Society is dedicated to addressing the representation of people of color in speculative fiction. We named ourselves after the fictional fan of color "Carl Brandon, Jr." created by in the mid-1950s by Terry Carr and Peter Graham, who used the ruse to explore concepts of race within the pages of the influential INNUENDO fanzine (co-edited by Carr), during a time when the landscape of speculative fiction was decidedly more monotone.

As speculative fiction increases in diversity, the Carl Brandon Society hopes to raise awareness of issues of race, ethnicity and culture within this genre we all love, fostering a needed dialogue. We want to promote inclusivity in across the range of genre -- embracing fans and pros -- and to celebrate the accomplishments of people of colour within the community. The society's future goals include creating scholarships to assist people of colour to attend writing workshops and science fiction conventions. Our membership is open to all ethnicities.

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