There’s just a lot of…

There's just a lot of stuff going on lately, mostly to do with either DesiLit or the SLF or Carl Brandon and while that's all good, it does eat up time and mental space that might otherwise go to posting journal entries. Plus, you know, the sick. I was feeling exhausted enough yesterday that I spent almost the entire day reading an Anita Blake novel when I should have been catching up on e-mail, or grading, or cleaning the house.

But an example of the good stuff was that we had a DesiLit rapid-fire reading last night by local authors, with a good fifty or so people attending, which means more than the twelve authors who read and their SO's, and everyone seemed to have a good time, and we raised $450 for DesiLit, so yay! That means that we won't be in the red after the Indu Sundaresan events next week, very pleasing. And really, last night was tons of fun; I got to hear several of my friends read things for the first time ever, and they were good, and I heard from some new talented people I hadn't met before but who I plan to get more work out of in the future, and of course, my writer friends who have been working on this and performing for a while did splendidly, and I read excerpts from both The Arrangement and Arbitrary Passions and people seemed to like them okay, so yay. :-)

Today is a complex sort of day. I need to get dressed and drive a half hour soon to go to a meeting, which should be done by 10-ish. I'll be right next to a garden store I've been meaning to go to, so I'll stop there and just check it out. Yesterday I met with Andy, a very nice guy from Gary's Landscaping Service who we can't afford to have actually do our rooftop deck the way they would normally do, but who will probably build some lattice trellises for us (one for tomatoes for the vegetable corner, one for climbing roses for the flower corner :-), and come with us to pick out plants that will survive up on our roof. No more disasters like the clematis-blight of 2005. Now I'm on the lookout for large and cheap interesting pots and cedar planters. Advice on internet deals welcome.

After that, groceries and a bit of cooking. Tonight we're having a launch party at Quimby's for Roosevelt's print literary magazine, the Oyez Review, followed by a small party at my place. I'm not cooking a ton this time; I'll make some cookies, but otherwise it's mostly a wine and cheese, chips and guacamole kind of shindig.

Aside from that, there's tons of things I want to write, not to mention the e-mails, cleaning, etc. And I owe Jed and my mother phone calls, but that might have to wait 'til tomorrow. Busy day to come. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    It was skimpy, but not bad. I liked the previous one a fair bit, and am looking forward to the next (which is now in hardcover, I think?). 🙂 I don’t know what Laurell’s going to do once she has Anita resolve all her issues, though. 🙂

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