I’m about to go out and…

I'm about to go out and run a whole mess of errands, but a quick exercise note for those with a bit of extra money lying around -- I'm finding it really helpful having a little tv with Tivo in front of my treadmill. I.e., last night, when I still hadn't exercised by 9 p.m., I probably would have bagged it entirely -- *except* that the new Gilmore Girls was only recorded on that little tv, so if I wanted to watch it, I had to stand on the treadmill, and if I'm going to stand there, then well, I might as well walk, and if I'm going to walk, I might as well kick the incline up a bit, so I ended up burning 300 calories because I really needed to watch Gilmore Girls. :-)

My scale thinks I've lost a pound in three days of diet and exercise, but I think it's just trying to keep my spirits up. If I lose a half pound this week, I'll be content. We're setting an ambitious goal this year -- twenty pounds by July 1st. That'll get me actually out of the overweight range for the first time in my adult life. Kev wants to lose about the same, because while he looks fine (being male, and taller, and thus not showing twenty extra pounds nearly as much as I do), he's at serious risk for developing diabetes with a strong family history, and that extra weight must therefore go.

It's pretty clear from my previous attempts that counting calories and exercising daily works fine for me as a dieting regime, if I actually do it. Let's see how my willpower manages.

Anyone else jumping back on the treadmill this January? Misery loves company and all that...

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  1. I’m currently doing a writing dare because I had the chance to accompany my husband on a business trip (stuck in a hotel = write a good chunk of a novel!), and I’m also using the opportunity to jumpstart an exercise program (hotel = workout room!). They have fitness mags scattered about the workout room and lobby, so I’ve been able to get some good eating tips at the same time.

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