Just a quick note that…

Just a quick note that I'm confirmed in the Bay Area from May 7 - 27, teaching at the Kearny Street Workshop in their Intergenerational Writers Lab

Yesterday was a pretty quiet paperwork day for the most part. I did run to Home Depot in the late afternoon to buy a lamp and a few house plants. I've resigned myself to the fact that it's useless putting flowering plants on the plant stand in the living room -- it just doesn't get enough natural light where it's placed. So now it holds a mix of knickknacks and houseplants, so hopefully it'll be happier. The flowering plants are being moved to the window, where hopefully they'll actually flower.

Great book group discussion of Hanif Kurieshi's The Buddha of Suburbia last night -- we started at 7, and didn't stop until close to 11, though admittedly, the second half of that was more socializing than book discussion. :-) Kamal made amazing samosa chaat, and Sheelah brought cheesecake topped with baked apples, so I failed in the dieting for yesterday (although didn't actually eat enough to gain extra weight, and I did exercise, so not a total loss).

Now back to catching up on paperwork. I don't know how I get so behind.

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  1. Mary Anne,

    While I’ll be back in Chicago at the beginning of May (May 2-12 or so), Julia and I are moving from Chicago to Berkeley.

    I hope you can stop by and see our new place while you are in the Bay Area – it would be great to have you over for a dinner party.


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