I ran errands today. …

I ran errands today. That sounds like not a big deal, right? But in actual fact, it took FIVE HOURS to run my errands, and I was incredibly exhausted by the end of them. I am however, pleased with my productivity. In order, I:

  • dropped Kevin off at work
  • emptied my trunk of the stuff that's been sitting there for months, waiting to be donated to charity because I didn't know anyplace other than the place near our old apartment, which happens to be right next to Kevin's work
  • went to Anthropologie and bought two clearance items (black velvet pants and a lush cowl-neck sweater) using a gift certificate that was originally meant for my mother's Xmas present, but then we got my mother something else, so then I was going to return the gift certificate, but Kevin said I could spend it on clothes for myself instead, so I think this counts as a present from Kev to me :-)
  • stopped at Barnes and Noble and picked up the new Terry Pratchett in hardcover, which I would normally never do because I don't buy hardcovers, but it was fifty percent off! And they told me that any books I buy that are course-related, I get twenty percent off. Cool.
  • stopped at Subway and picked up a toasted meatball sub with jalapenos, yum, five hundred delectable calories
  • sat in my car and ate my sub while reading the first pages of the the Pratchett because I couldn't wait, and only spilled a little sauce on my coat in the process
  • went to Crate and Barrel checking for Xmas sales and bought nothing because they seem to have cleared it all out already
  • went to The Container Store and bought hangers and storage bins
  • went to Jaysen and bought nothing because they have very few plants at this time of year
  • went to The Bombay Company, ditto C&B above
  • went to the framing store and bought a photo album for my mother, per her request to *please* put together an album with photos of Kev and me and various events rather than just showing them to her on my computer when I come to visit
  • went to Trader Joe's and bought frozen fruit, veggies, tamales and dumplings, becaue TJ is the king of frozen food at reasonable prices -- also one bunch of tulips, yellow, $4.95, and one little pot of mini daffodils, also yellow, $2.49, which equals roughly $7.50 of yellow spring flower goodness
  • went to Home Depot and picked up more weather stripping tape for sealing our windows and lots of it, because Chicago is only taunting me -- despite today's balmy fifty degree weather and my purchase of yellow flowers, I know that winter will be back shortly, and spring is still two long cold months away
  • and then I came home and collapsed
Tonight, cook curry for dinner, divide it into small calorie-counted portions and freeze them for diet convenience. Tomorrow, phone calls. Making doctor and dentist appointments and the like. Also walking around my neighborhood mailing things and finding tea and so forth. And then going to a play in the evening at Steppenwolf (one of my actual Xmas presents from Kev :-). And catching up on e-mail (which unfortunately always seems to generate more e-mail). And then Friday I do everything that didn't get done. And then next week, I go back to work on the novel. That's the plan.

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