Woken up this morning by…

Woken up this morning by cramps so bad that I couldn't even doze through them. Sometimes being a girl sucks.

Kev brought me painkillers and tea and a blanket and my glasses, and Murder, She Wrote mostly distracted me until the painkillers kicked in. I'm okay now. Just tired. Slept about six hours.

Thankfully, I have very little to do today. Lots of little paperwork things, maybe a quick run to Home Depot. I can do that.

1 thought on “Woken up this morning by…”

  1. Hey Mary Anne–

    Hope you’re feeling better–Home Depot for time-of-the-month supplies?!?! (Just kidding)


    Quick Q about the Blowfish anthology–did the contributor copies get mailed out? My address has changed.

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