Jeez, it’s been a while…

Jeez, it's been a while since I posted. Sorry. Still playing catch-up on teaching, which has taken most of my energy. So close to being completely caught up that I can taste it, but not quite there yet. Also been battling a bad mood for the past week, which has left me disinclined to post. Thursday was an especially frustrating day. Eight hours back and forth to the Schaumburg campus in a snowstorm, only to find that just one of my students had made it into class (due to said snowstorm). Felt like such a cold, miserable, frustrating waste of a day, especially since for much of the time I was trapped in a dark van and couldn't even read. But on the plus side, some of yesterday and all of today was spent preparing for our annual holiday party, which turned out to be our biggest yet -- something like sixty people, I think. Food, drink, old friends and new. Fun. The old friends stayed the longest, which felt appropriate, somehow. But two of the new friends did an amazing amount of clean-up before they went, so let us not discount the value of new friends.
  Karen and Jeremiah are spending the night, so in the morning, I get to have breakfast with them. Now I just have to wind down enough to go to sleep. Kev crashed hours ago, but I'm still surprisingly awake. Hopefully that won't last long.

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