I didn’t finish the…

I didn't finish the Roosevelt grading, but made decent progress. By next week's class, definitely.

I woke up fairly down this morning, in part because there are a couple of important aspects of my life right now that are waiting on other people's decisions, and I find that very frustrating and hard to deal with, even when I want to give them the time they need. So I was mopey. Kev did his best to cheer me up, which helped some. I worked all morning at home, then went into campus and worked there.

The work was pretty distracting, and at 5, the MFA students had a brief end-of-semester reading, which was good. At 6, I taught class, and that helped cheer me up, because my students are good kids. (Keeping in mind that some are older than me. :-) And then at 9, I came back to my neighborhood and joined Lakshmi and friends for Lakshmi's birthday dinner at Rodan, which was very yummy and nice. Recommended. And now I'm home.

The day has generally gotten better as it went. Even though it was a long day and I could've used more down time, at least the busy-ness is distracting.

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