Sharmi and Ryan got a…

Sharmi and Ryan got a late start, so I ended up not going to meet them for dinner; ah well. They'll be staying with us for Kriti, so I'll see plenty of them then (while I'm making them run around and do work. :-) By mid-afternoon yesterday I was conking out, ridiculously tired. I managed to do a load of laundry and some cooking for Sunday's meetings (chicken and potato curry, coconut sambol), but then I just spent the last three hours of the day reading (re-reading Diana Wynne Jones's Dark Lord of Derkholm, a marvellously silly book).

I didn't finish the 501(c)3 app., so that's back on the plate for today, along with drafting the fall newsletter for Roosevelt. But of course, finishing revisions to chapter 13 comes first.

Still tired this morning. Want to go back to bed. I wish Daylight Savings Time were this weekend instead of next weekend.

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