Finished chapter 13, but…

Finished chapter 13, but in the process, the next chapter ended up being divided in two. So I'd best get a ways into chapter 14 if I'm going to stay on schedule. It's really not correlating so well to the old draft at this point, what with all the revisions and re-orderings, so for those trying to follow along, chapter 15 is now the end of part III. I'm hoping to have that done before tomorrow's meetings, since I'm sure I won't get any more work done after they start.

Lost a couple hours today to computer crashes; my hard drive is acting up. Everything is super backed-up though, so it's not a tragedy. Just annoying. I've switched to an old iBook we have around; we would have given it away a long time ago, but it has a cracked casing. It seems to work okay, but I'm saving to a little USB drive every hour or so, just in case. I have AppleCare, so if my computer needs a new hard drive (which I think it does) it's covered by insurance. I just don't have time to deal with this kind of computer irritation right now.

Insanely tired. Kevin is too. We must be sick. At least there aren't any other symptoms yet. I'm eating too much too. Made a yummy curry last night -- too yummy, as I've already eaten as much as I should for today and it isn't even four yet. This happens when I'm tired; I tend to eat more, as if that'll give me energy. Do you guys do that? It doesn't make sense -- most of the time, it just makes me more sluggish if I've had too much food.

Sometimes I wish I could just program myself. Work x amount of hours, exercise x minutes, eat x many calories. The reward would be a healthier, more energetic, more productive me. Ah well. Guess I'll just have to stick with my fallible self for now, until someone comes along and offers to put a chip in my head.

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