Finished revisions on…

Finished revisions on chapter 12, and got halfway through 13 -- but that's not as impressive as it sounds, because I changed very little. Just adjusted the tone slightly, cut out some unnecessary words. I'm worried that I'm not revising part 3 enough. But maybe I should just go ahead and skim through this section, which worked pretty well as it was. I think. Because the ending was totally rushed the last time through, and I may need to add a lot more there to make it work. Hm. Just don't know. Kevin's going to read it this weekend, up to the point I'm at, so I can talk it over with him. Wish he'd read it already.

2:00 update: Never mind. I walked through the rest of chapter 13 and realized that I need to edit it mightily, adding and cutting lots of stuff. I guess I was just in a sweet spot today.

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