I’ve just finished…

I've just finished adding the readings and panelists to the Kriti Schedule. It's starting to look like a real convention; very exciting. :-) So many people are putting in so much time and energy into making this happen -- it's cool.

The plan for today is pretty simple; revise chapter 12 and finish the 501(c)3 application for DesiLit. (The SLF is serving as an umbrella organization for them this year, but hopefully not much longer.)

If I finish that all by 4, then I can go and have dinner with Sharmi (little sister) and Ryan at O'Hare; they're driving in from Iowa City today, to fly to Amsterdam for a conference. It'll eat up about three hours of the day to meet them for dinner there, with travel time, so hopefully I can be focused and productive enough that I can take the time off without guilt.

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