My levels of idiocy have…

My levels of idiocy have clearly reached new heights. Because I got an e-mail from Sandy Hodgman, one of the lovely foreign rights folks at HarperCollins, telling me that she'd seen the previous entry (hi, Sandy!) and that she had copies of all the reviews that she could send me. And *of course* she has them, and Michael has them, and Marjorie probably has them, and Bob undoubtedly has them. There are many much more responsible folks with a business interest in my reviews than just me, and they have *good* filing systems. What was I thinking???

In other news, I read last night at Roosevelt, and it was pleasant enough. A small crowd of almost entirely faculty/students, maybe fifteen folks total. I had fun reading "A Tightness in the Chest" -- though I find that I edit out at least fifty words as I read for better flow and less obviousness, which means I think that I should be reading aloud before my final draft -- and a nice time chatting with various folks.

Afterwards, I was pretty wiped. We grabbed a quick takeout dinner from Sultan's Market and then I crashed early. No writing yesterday, very sad. Writing today.

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