Okay, savvy tech folks,…

Okay, savvy tech folks, here's a question:

I, foolishly, did not download full copies of all my reviews; I just put up excerpts and linked to their pages on the web. Now, for my boss at Roosevelt, I'm supposed to give her a file with all my BiM reviews. And it turns out that half the links no longer work. Argh. I've tried poking around on their sites to no avail. Any ideas on where on the net I might find the Bodies in Motion reviews from these?

  • Publisher's Weekly
  • Los Angeles Times, by Janice P. Nimura
  • Kirkus Review
  • The Orlando Sentinel, by Michelle Keller
  • Booklist
  • Time Out New York, by Reena Jana
  • Library Journal, by Debbie Bogenschutz

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  1. Use Google Desktop to search for some words that you remember from the reviews (or title or reviewer’s name or journal). It will give you screenshots of all the times you’ve looked at those reviews on your computer, and you can print out the screenshots or cut and paste.

  2. That’d help only if Google Desktop had been running at the time the reviews were viewed, and was set to index web pages. MA uses a Mac, for which Desktop isn’t yet available. For my part, I have the web-page-indexing feature turned off. But if any other readers out there had it running when they read the reviews, this could work.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Thanks, y’all. I’ll resort to the library if I have to, but the stuff Shmuel found is definitely a help. Three down (plus a TV mention in Canada, apparently, according to Lexis/Nexis)…

  4. Do you have a LexisNexus account via your university for looking up news articles?

    You can find all those reviews, and probably some you didn’t know existed.

  5. J.S.: That’s how I found the ones mentioned above. I didn’t see the others there. (That said, my school’s access is relatively basic; somebody with a higher grade of subscription might be able to find more, I suppose.)

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