Morning, munchkins. I’m…

Morning, munchkins. I'm wishing I'd woken up earlier, because there's a lot to do today. Nilofer may come by to work with me for a while, which'll be nice. Sarah and Richard are arriving from Utah around 1:30 and will be crashing here for a few days while they do job interviews and apartment hunting. At 5, I'm doing a reading at Roosevelt University, which hopefully will have at least five people in the audience, so the department doesn't think they made a mistake in hiring me. Afterwards, dinner with Sarah and Richard.

And around all of that, do a whole mess of Roosevelt administrative work, sort the clean laundry so there are sheets for the guest bed, finish revising chapter 8. If I manage that by bedtime, I'll only be a chapter (two days) of writing behind schedule, with still a hope of catching up by the weekend...

On the plus side, I got two very nice e-mails in the last day from S. Asian writer gals who had just finished and loved BiM. :-) I can't tell you how happy that makes me; they're my toughest audience in many ways, since they know exactly what the cliches of the subgenre are. If my book had things they thought were worth reading, that's all I can ask.

In the midst of all the anxiety about the novel, it's reassuring to feel that I've at least written *one* solid, good book. Whatever happens next, that's something to be happy about.

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