Well, no writing today…

Well, no writing today at all but I'm caught up on student stuff for the nonce, so that's something. I also sent Peggy a draft of the PS section for Bodies in Motion. It's closer to 4000 words than 3000, but I couldn't figure out what else to cut, if I was going to include all the elements they wanted. So I figured I could just send it along and hopefully they could decide what to cut. Right now, it's got some of my photos, a bit of the nonfiction book, a bit of the cookbook, a Sri Lankan timeline, and a bit of the novel. Lots of little tastes of me. :-)

What I really want to do is lie down and go to sleep right now, but I teach in twenty-five minutes, so better not. Luckily, teaching tends to wake me up; I get all jazzed and jittery, and then go home and crash like a big crashing thing. I will drink some more mango smoothie, and the sugar in that may help too.

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