I should’ve said before;…

I should've said before; I'm feeling better this week. Calm, even happy at times. Not sure why since I have just as much work as before -- of course, I wasn't sure why I was falling apart so badly the previous couple of weeks. Maybe it's just that progress is now being made, if slowly, on all fronts. I'm five weeks into the Roosevelt semester and teaching seems to be under control. Midway through the Vermont semester, also generally fine. We've passed 175 pre-registered for Kriti, which is deeply reassuring; it looks like we're going to at least break even, which makes me very happy, since it was going to come out of my pocket if we didn't. :-) We have enough panelists now, though there are still invites out to a few more who may join us. And revisions are going well, if not as fast as I'd like. Progress. There are fewer pieces of paper on my desk. It's amazing how much that relieves the mind.

Still little time to smell the roses this month. But I did stop and smell my jasmine this morning, which has a record ten blossoms at once right now. :-) I think I'm starting to see the faint hazy reduction of the darkness that in some weeks may actually translate into a light at the end of the tunnel.

Plan for today; work on Roosevelt stuff this morning, writing up an assessment of the program evaluations we received. Should be interesting, in its own way. The school's up for re-accreditation, so there's a lot of assement/evaluative work to be done in the next year, apparently. Are we doing a good job at what we do? I guess I'll find out... This afternoon, a couple of hours at an Arts & Sciences council meeting, where I will be quiet and learn things, hopefully. Then some writing time, assuming my brain is still functioning, and dinner at my desk. At 8 p.m., Cardamom Chicago:

October 12 - Chicago, Mars Gallery, 1139 W. Fulton Market, 8 p.m.
Cardamom Chicago - a social and intellectual forum for issues pertinent to the South Asian community. It is equal parts social gathering and bookish reflection. Cardamom presents: "Writing About Women, Sex and Sri Lanka: A Conversation with Author Mary Anne Mohanraj." For event and ticket information (tickets are $15, and refreshments will be served) contact: info@cardamomchicago.com

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