Jed sent me e-mail…

Jed sent me e-mail saying he hoped I was feeling better. He had a rough day yesterday too, poor munchkin. Am I feeling better? I don't know. Not about to dissolve into a puddle of tears, but tense. Definitely tense.

One piece of good news in the mailbox -- Oprah's bookclub is back. Yay, Oprah. And Kevin made me mango-habanero risotto yesterday, and it was very good. And he did probably an hour's worth of scanning for my courses in the middle of the night. And he figured out how to put away almost all the laundry, with only a few mystery items that defeated him. So, life is at least objectively better.

Today, pick up car, doctor's appt., do admin work for department, have department meeting, have another department meeting, then dinner and a play. I like dinner and a play normally, but I'm so frayed that all I really want to do is curl up in bed and sleep. But we have tickets already, and people to meet, and it's a friend's play, so.

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  1. (Shifting effortlessly into the sometimes unwelcome male mathematician problem-solving mode) have you tried long-duration gentle aerobic exercise? I find that, for me, that is a better mood treatment than anything.

  2. And if nothing else works, you and I can make a trip to Snelgrove’s tomorrow night after the reading. 😉

    Hang in there. I’ll pamper you Sunday morning so you can relax for a few hours.

  3. Hugs! You did sound stressed when I called you. I hope things get better! BTW Oprah’s first new bookclub author is James Frey whose writing workshop I’m taking in October.

  4. If you are so damn tired, then RELAX. STOP COMPLAINING!

    Is this a cry out for attention? It appears that way.

    I feel very sorry for your husband, he is a saint for embracing your manic episodes.

    What is the pay off for him, other than you barking more orders at him?

  5. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    David, there actually isn’t enough time for even short-duration exercise most days right now, but it’s a nice thought. Maybe in December.

    Thanks for the sympathy, Carol, Thida. Appreciated, as always.

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