Had a semi-major…

Had a semi-major meltdown this afternoon. Just Could Not Cope. Much hopeless weeping. No fun.

But since then, Kev's agreed to take on a ridiculous number of my varied and sundry tasks; there's a long list on the fridge for him now, and more to come. I can't hand everything off to him -- he can't write my novel or teach my classes or run the festival or go to the doctor for me. But I'm pretty much giving up on all household tasks for the next two months, so if we don't want to descend into a pit of filth, it's going to be all him. Also if we want to eat. It's hard to write a novel while starving. I know starving while writing your novel is a time-honored writerly tradition, but that doesn't mean all writers can do it. I'm pretty sure I can't. My brain stops thinking about the book and starts thinking hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry...

And then I took the train and shuttle into campus (because I Could Not Cope with going to pick up my newly-fixed car), and though it means I'll get home at 10:30 instead of 9:30 tonight, I did get to read on the way in, so that was good. I read Scott Westerfeld's first volume of The Midnighters, which was entertaining and distracting. I read it too fast, though, and have nothing left to read. I'll just nap on the way home, I guess. And Kevin called and told me that he was making me a special dinner for when I got home, so I do have something to look forward to on the long ride back.

Now I have an hour before my 6:30 class, and no students in my office hours, so I'm going to briefly review the materials for today and then I might actually do a tiny bit of revision. I did finish Chapter 4 yesterday, so if I can just finish Chapter 5 by the weekend, I'll be done with Part One. And then I get to go over it all in detail with Kev, who has kindly agreed to the time-consuming scene-by-scene discussion because he is officially Too Good For Me. I want to nail this section down before I go forward, because if I'm making any major characterization changes, I really want to know now, before I start revising the rest of the draft. If I'm going to hand this in by the end of October, I *need* to know now.


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