I’m overwhelmed, and in…

I'm overwhelmed, and in a foul mood. I tried to shake it off for last night's socializing, but I pretty much stayed exhausted and depressed throughout, despite the good company. I need a day off. Maybe next week.

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  1. It isn’t until the week of Sept 30th but would you want to join Julia and I (and let’s invite a group to join us if you want) in going to Landmark Century theater to see Neil Gaiman’s new movie, Mirrormask?

    It will only be there for one week – which may be the only week it is in Chicago in the theaters.

    I’m thinking that Saturday afternoon, try for the matinee, but we’re flexible.


  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I do want to see it, but I’m out of town that weekend for Tim and Heather’s wedding. Do you know what dates exactly it’s in town? I think the only nights I can do are Tues 10/4, Wed 10/5, or the weekend of 10/7-10/9, if it’s still in town.

  3. It is in town for a single week starting on 9/30, so I assume it will be here for Tuesday 10/4 or Wednesday 10/5 but not for the following weekend (at least not at Century and I don’t see any indication that any other theater in town will be showing it).

    I’ll check with Julia and see if she could see it on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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