Nice review came in this…

Nice review came in this morning, from the San Francisco Chronicle, though it's a bit hard to pull anything quotable out of it. Lots of plot details mixed in with lots of astute reviewing. Here's some of the excerpted commentary:

"Sensuality is undeniably important in these twenty consummately elegant, inspired stories, but this is more than frothy erotica. Not only does motion of several types and scales shape the lives of people in this collection, but its opposite -- restriction and silence -- proves to be a powerful influence as well....Mohanraj's writing style is spare and piercing, and she exercises a sophisticated economy of language. Indeed, words left unspoken are not only a technique of Mohanraj's but a defining characteristic of the lives of her characters as well....It thus becomes noteworthy that a collection containing so many figuratively paralyzed individuals is titled "Bodies in Motion." Much of this collection is about juxtapositions: characters finding ways of movement in situations that seem hopelessly static. People must compromise, finding pockets of richness amid deprivation of truth, sex, love and self-expression....In spite of disappointments and foiled expectations, Mohanraj's characters persevere; even when language fails, their bodies remain in motion."

2 thoughts on “Nice review came in this…”

  1. Woke up Saturday morning, here in San Fran, rubbed my jetlagged eyes, and read this review while waiting for the caffeine to take effect. SOOoo00Oooo surreal to open the pages of a newspaper in another city and see a friend’s face there.

    Great review from a major paper, lady! Congratualtions!

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Thanks! I think it’s my favorite of the reviews so far; she really seemed to get the book. 🙂

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