Oh, I was cranky…

Oh, I was cranky yesterday. For no good reason; maybe the post-party let-down finally hit? Dunno.

I'm about halfway through Baldwin's book, enjoying it, though there are some info-dumps about Sikh history that my eyes tend to glaze over. Other than that, a good read so far.

Jeez, what else did I do yesterday? I sewed, assembling the canopy fabrics a little more securely, making little ties for them. I did some of the laundry, leaving it half-done. I ran around trying to do errands, and didn't actually accomplish any of them, for a variety of frustrating reasons.

Today will hopefully be a bit more focused. I'm going to read for another hour or so, then pack up and go to a cafe to try to write. My students' packets are due today, so this coming week is reading and responding to those. Between that and writing, and two days in Milwaukee, I should be pretty busy.

Tomorrow, another photo shoot, this time for Bibi Magazine. They're running a review of my book, and I'm participating in a round-table interview/article. The photo shoot should be interesting; they want me to wear my own jeans, but their top and jewelry. We'll see how close they come to providing a top that fits!

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