We now have 70 people…

We now have 70 people registered for Kriti, so while there's still a ways to go to the 750 registration cap, we officially have twice as many audience members as panelists, which is a relief. :-) I'm not really expecting to get to 750; if we hit 300, I'll be really happy, and consider Kriti a wild success.

I've been pretty stressed about this event, off and on, but things are finally starting to come together, and it's looking like it'll be good fun for all, and we might even break even on it. If we run a bit in the hole, Kev has very sweetly agreed that we can make up the difference personally and call it our contribution to the arts this year. My boy is a prince.

Is it a little mad for me to have taken on what is essentially like running a small sf convention, without ever having helped to run one before, and with a volunteer staff composed entirely of people who also have never run one? Well, duh.

Authors we invite keep saying, "I can't make it this year, but I'd love to come next year. You are doing this again next year, aren't you?" And I laugh, and laugh, and laugh...

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