Y’all might enjoy this…

Y'all might enjoy this piece in Slow Trains where I talk about the creative life.

Today, the creative life is mostly answering old e-mail.

Also please note that Slow Trains, Clean Sheets, and others are sponsoring the Rauxa Prize for erotic writing, which carries a $1000 cash prize. Those reading this may note some resemblances to the Fountain Award; Susannah tells me they modelled their award on ours. The meme is spreading. :-)

The Rauxa Prize carries an award of $1,000, given annually for an erotic short story of exceptional literary quality. The award is judged by a select jury, and chosen from work nominated by editors and writers. Publications of any type are encouraged to nominate qualifying material. Each publication may nominate up to five stories for inclusion; any individual may nominate a single story.

The award is intended for short erotic fiction; therefore any story submitted must have a strong erotic element involved. A short story is defined as a story up to 10,000 words in length. We will consider any original stories which fall within this length limitation, including short-shorts and novel excerpts. Stories nominated for the first Rauxa Prize should be from work published in the previous two calendar years (2003 - June 2005). In the future, the annual award will reflect just one prior year. The Rauxa Prize will also include an erotic poetry award beginning in 2006.

Pleased to see that poetry element. :-) Note that this is only for published fiction.

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