Productive day…

Productive day yesterday, though not in terms of writing. Dealt with some e-mail backlog and then went food tasting. We had some tres leches cake at Bom Bon which was most delectable, and I think the only difficult part of deciding what birthday cake to have at my party will be choosing from their many yummy options. The menu is in Spanish, so I also have to make sure I translate it right. These are the ones that are currently tempting me:

  • Pastel Rosita Fresita: Pastel 3 leches relleno de dos capas de suculentas fresas naturales con sabor a malteada
  • Pastel Abuelita: Crema de chocolate abuelita, crujiente de coco y mucho carino hacen de est pastel una delicia
  • Pastel Angelical: Unico 3 leches relleno de chocolate con sabor a Carlos V. Nuestras leches achocolatadas hacen de este pastel una experiencia celestial.
  • Pastel Cafe Tacuba: Para los amantes del buen cafe, cremosito 3 leches con Kahlua y relleno de chocolate Ibarra.
Okay, so I cheated and also found a web page with the descriptions in English, as you'll see if you follow the links above. But I do like trying to puzzle out the Spanish. How can you resist 'una experiencia celestial?' I may just get four different smaller cakes, instead of trying to pick a single huge one from the above -- but will that just frustrate people? Those of you with experience buying cake for many, please advise.

We also went up to Devon for various errands. Picked up a few Indian groceries -- mango and coriander chutneys, tandoori paste, basmati rice. Bought four cheap saris, because Kevin came up with the idea of using them as canopies for the gazebo, since it will be a long time before my yellow roses climb that high, if they ever do, and if Kev is going to ever spend time up on the deck, he will need shade. The poor boy burns under the heat of the sun; he is fragile and delicate as a flower. And we ate dinner at Tiffin -- mmmm....Tiffin. They're currently my favorite restaurant on Devon. Everything we ordered was yummy, though I particularly adore their crab masala appetizer. Partly 'cause it's delicious, and partly 'cause I'm lazy -- it's just so lovely to have masses of yummy crabmeat that I don't have to break out of the shell myself.

Will now go avoid writing some more. Sigh. At least I'm clearing out some of my backlog of foundation work -- added a bunch of entries to the DesiLit blog, invited some more authors to Kriti, and we may actually get the SLF memberships renewed for 2005, before the end of 2005. I really would like to finish all that up and get the SLF mentorship program that we've been discussing at conventions going. I have willing mentors -- I just need the time to organize the program, and an administrator or two to volunteer. I would so love to get that up and running this year. We'll see.

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