I’m cooking here,…

I'm cooking here, finally. When we first moved in, we were so frantic that we just ate out all the time, and the restaurants around here are good and reasonably cheap, but it was starting to get to me after a while. Two days ago I made my first curry here, a beef and potato dish that came out pretty much perfect, a good omen for our life here. I ate it for six meals straight -- not the most balanced diet, but oh, so tasty. :-)

It's all gone now, so I cooked again this morning. Chopped some onions and green chili, sauteed them in half a T of butter, added two scrambled eggs, seasoned with a little salt and lots of pepper. Served with two tortillas toasted over an open gas flame, a chopped plum tomato and half an avocado. About five hundred incredibly delicious calories, fifteen minutes of cooking. Sometimes life's pleasures are small and gorgeous.

For lunch, I think I'll fire up the grill for some chili-lime salmon, to toss with salad greens. Mmmm.... If only I had some fresh mango slices to add; mango dressing will have to do instead.

I know, I don't eat enough vegetables. :-)

Oh, a quick non-cooking note -- some people have been asking about my first-week sales. I asked Bob yesterday, and he said that it's too early to know; we should have some numbers from BookScan in a few weeks. And in any case, a lot of the early reviews are still coming out, so it's hard to get a sense of how it's selling until those are done, and we move to general word-of-mouth for ongoing sales. So we bite our nails, and wait.

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