Yesterday was a…

Yesterday was a frustrating day; we spent many hours looking at household items (patio furniture, rugs, plants) and didn't buy any of them. That drives me crazy, even if I know that eliminating bad choices is productive -- it doesn't feel productive. Just irritating, pointless, aggravating, etc. and so on. We did manage to pick up some wine for the party, and decided on a yummy crab and shrimp noodle dish from Amarind Thai (we're setting out a sort of Pan-Asian spread, with me cooking some stuff, but mostly picking up food from various restaurants). And we found two pretty hibiscus trees at Home Depot, very reasonably priced, that we couldn't take away in my car but which we can go back today with Kev's hatchback and get. So it wasn't a total loss -- but still. Many hours.

This morning finished reading one of my students' novels, will discuss it with her shortly. Restless; going to go finish unpacking some last items upstairs, I think, maybe even hang some art. Still no writing. Can't seem to focus.

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