Wow! This morning,…

Wow! This morning, my Amazon sales rank was 150,000ish. It is now 3,067. V. cool. I know it's all you guys, so thanks! :-)

I know it also won't last, but I will enjoy it while I can.

I went over to the main hall to find out if the 30 books I'd ordered for students to buy if they wanted had arrived yet, and found instead a sweet bunch of congratulatory flowers from Jedediah. Everyone say, "Awww...." My department was impressed. :-)

Oh, and my publicist sent along the transcript of the NPR summer reading recommendations. There were only about seven books recommended, and here's what she said about mine:

BATES: There's actually some very good collections of short stories out there. The first one is "Bodies In Motion." It's a first effort by Mary Jane Mohanraj. She, herself, is Sri Lankan, and it's a series of stories about two Sri Lankan families who have to grapple with changing roles and values as their generations go on. So that one of the motifs in this collection is how independent can the girls be because, of course, back home they would not have been, but when Dad leaves and goes to teach at the University of Chicago, his parents look at him and say, `You're raising American girls.' Well, they are American girls in a lot of ways, but that brings up its own set of problems. So this was beautifully written, very nicely done.

I *think* I know the bit she's talking about...

2 thoughts on “Wow! This morning,…”

  1. I confess I don’t know which bit she has in mind, although I recognize various elements of it.

    I have the Boston Globe review on the outer wall of my cubicle, by the way. It includes a photo of the author. I’ve been basking in sympathetic happiness and faint reflected glory. 🙂

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Well, it’s clearly the father with the six daughters. I don’t know that we ever see his parents responding, but I think she’s talking about an overall cultural take on it, rather than a specific parental take. I think.

    Fun thinking of you with the BG review on your cube wall. 🙂

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