I have just spammed…

I have just spammed kazillion lists (SA lit, speclit, friends, strangers, etc.) telling them to buy my book. I am a bad person. And yet I have also gotten back a bunch of mails already from people telling me that they will now go out and buy my book. And so my badness is reinforced.

I just wish there were same way to tag a message with a unique ID # so that people who happen to be on multiple mailing lists would only get one copy of the message. But I think that would require one e-mail system to rule them all, and the Dark Lord of the internet has not yet arisen, so we are out of luck.

I think I'm getting a little giddy.

3 thoughts on “I have just spammed…”

  1. Please forgive me if, instead of rushing to Amazon, I rushed to my library website to get a copy of your book… But I thought you would like to know that I’m the *eighth* person waiting in line for a copy!

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