It’s the launch date…

It's the launch date of Bodies in Motion -- happy birthday, little book! May you have a long and flourishing life!

A long, detailed, positive review of BiM in the Boston Globe! Ending with: "'Bodies in Motion is a graceful, nimble book. With great care and affection, Mohanraj finds both beauty and lamentations in the disquieting, but revelatory, clash between custom and assimilation, between everything that came before and all that lies ahead." Yummy. I like me some beauty and lamentations. :-)

Many people have asked whether it's better to buy my book on Amazon (which is still offering a 32% discount today) or in a brick and mortar bookstore. I don't know, I'm afraid. I do know that it's better for my sales figures if you buy at a large chain rather than a tiny independent, because the tiny independents aren't generally NY-Times-reporting -- but I honestly don't really care. I feel strongly enough about supporting one's independent booksellers, even if I'm often too lazy to actually do it, that I will be just as happy if you buy your books at an independent store. Whatever's good for you, definitely including going to your local library and asking them to get a copy.

It is true that if you are planning to buy a copy (or five), that it's much better for me if you do so in the first week it's out. Like, now. :-) And if you want to start writing and posting those glowing Amazon reviews now, the ones I know you've been dying to write, I wouldn't complain.

Today I have a quiet morning, so I'm going to take my laptop downtown to a coffeeshop and work on the next book, rather than fretting about this one. Clearly the path of sanity...

13 thoughts on “It’s the launch date…”

  1. Oh, Mary Anne, I can’t believe I get to be the first to say Happy Book Day! I’ve been anxiously waiting for the release and can’t wait to get my hermit-self out of the house today to get a copy!

    Question… if I mail my copy to you… say in a few weeks or whenever you’re not busy… would you autograph it? I’d send return postage of course.

    Congratulations, my idol!


  2. Congratulations! As I no longer _have_ a non-specialized indy in Minneapolis, and I never leave my cube or my house anyway, I figured doing this right away would help you best so I just ordered it from Amazon. I’m excited to read it, and excited for you. Yay!

  3. I am at the the VI Iberoamerican Conference on Topology and its Applications in Puebla, Mexico. Wish you and Kevin were here, but the official launch of Bodies in Motion is even more auspicious! I have hardcover copies for myself and a friend on order at my local independent boo0kseller back in Delaware.

  4. I went to the downtown State Street Borders to get the book today, but despite the computer’s assurance that there were five copies in the store and the frantic running about of two helpful/clueless employees, I had to put in an order. Which will hopefully be a good thing for you.

    I’ll get a copy one of these days!

  5. Happy book day!

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if ships to Canada.
    Would it be better if I waited until the book launches in Canada so I can help your ratings here.
    Let me know. I shall do as you command.


  6. Yay for you and your book, Mary Anne! I am rushing off to Amazon to order it right now, because my week is too crazy to remember to go to a bookstore! I’m really looking forward to reading it!

    Lola in Santa Cruz

  7. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I don’t think there will be a separate launch in Canada, so I think just ordering through Amazon Canada makes sense. Thanks for asking!

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