We bought a new condo. …

We bought a new condo. Eep!

I have to admit, it doesn't seem real yet. But after the three hours of filling out forms and waiting for other forms to be ready and filling out yet more forms, we took some plants over to the new place and met some of the neighbors and ate yummy Thai food down the street at Thai Lagoon. And it was all good, and made it all feel more real. We are both utterly exhausted now, for no good reason, since we only carried two boxes of plants (and put three boxes of SLF stuff in our new storage unit in the garage). Emotionally exhausted, I guess, but it's somehow translating to physical exhaustion too.

Tomorrow, we take over more plants and other fragile stuff. Art and art supplies and the like. We rescheduled painter guy; I meet him early Wednesday morning (7:30 early, because we are apparently both morning people). We carry more boxes over Wednesday, and finish packing. That's the plan. It's a good plan.

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