Aside from fretting over…

Aside from fretting over reviews, I'm mostly working on student stuff this morning. Finishing up the semester, with final packet responses, followed by course evaluations. It's good to have the academic work as a balance to reading reviews, though I think it's also a power that must be used wisely. It's easy to imagine a frustrated writer, savaged by bad reviews, turning around and taking his frustration out on his students with fierce criticism of *their* work. Luckily, I'm above such things. :-) It does help remind me that I'm not entirely powerless in this world, though.

At 1 p.m. today, we do the final walkthrough on our new place -- at 3 p.m., we do the closing, supposedly, though it turns out that our mortgage broker may be trying to do a bit of a bait-and-switch on us -- the final loan details they sent us last Friday are higher than the numbers we've been discussing for weeks. So there's some (deeply frustrating) possibility that we'll dump this broker, delay the closing, and switch to someone more straightforward. We'll see -- Kevin sent them an annoyed e-mail over the weekend, and they may try to fix the problem today.

Assuming all goes well, though, we meet with a painter guy after the closing and get an estimate for painting the bedrooms -- they're currently in taupe, lime green, and baby blue, none of which colors please us. Taupe is especially super-icky, and overall, the colors are just too modern for our tastes. We're old-fashioned folk, we are.

The tentative plan is for our bedroom to be re-painted in a light gold, with medium gold trim and one chocolate wall; I think dark red sari fabric bedding will look luscious against that, as will my tapestry elephant. Kevin's still waffling on what color he wants his study -- apparently grey is good for stimulating creative thought, but he's worried that it'll just depress him every time he walks in. The tv room/guest room is probably going to be in a color that Sherman-Williams bizarrely chooses to call Hazel -- odd because it's actually a sort of light seafoam blue-green, nothing like the color hazel at all. V. pretty, though, and soothing when we come to watch tv in the late evening. It was a bit tricky deciding what color to paint that room, since it's serving double duty as a bedroom and tv room, but I think this will work.

It's odd, hiring someone to paint. I've always just done it myself. But Kevin is a bit of a perfectionist about these matters, and if I painted it, he'd forever be noticing the uneven spots, and the bits near the ceiling where I couldn't quite reach to paint it properly. :-)

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